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The Highlights of Diane Dimond's "Career"

10. Getting shut down by the accuser's father: The accuser's father was interviewed on Diane's show and she was trying to make him admit that Michael Jackson must be guilty. She said something to the effect of: "Pedophiles- and I'm not saying Michael Jackson is a pedophile- often hone in on vulnerable kids who come from broken homes. This is exactly what happened with your family, isn't it?" The father responded with a resounding "NO!" He then explained that when Jackson met the family, the parents had not divorced yet. Kind of blows Diane's little theory out of the water, doesn't it?

9. Diane incriminating herself over and over again: Diane has admitted several times that she knew about these allegations months in advance. She also was at Neverland when the raid took place and she accidentally admitted on "Access Hollywood" that she was present when the police were searching the grounds. Way to pave the way for a future lawsuit, idiot!

8. Nobody believing her about the arrest warrant: Due to her disturbingly close relationship with the District Attorney, Diane was the first person to know about the arrest warrant, however, when she broke the story, not one person believed her. Good to know Sneddon chose a credible member of the media to leak stories to.

7. The love letters story: At the onset of this mess, Diane Dimond claimed that sources from the prosecution told her love letters addressed to Jackson's accuser were found at Neverland. A week or so later, someone from the District Attorney's office denied the story. Diane never mentioned it again. All I've got to say is think over your lies before you go spewing them on television. Why the hell would Michael Jackson be in possession of letters that he sent out to somebody else? Unless he concluded the letter by saying "P.S- please send this back to me so I can store it at my house and provide the cops with incirminating evidence," this story makes no sense. Poor Diane.

6. Getting threatened by a Michael Jackson fan: At Michael Jackson's arraignment, Diane claims one of Jackson's fans said "Let's get her" in Spanish when he saw her. "Little did he know, I speak Spanish," Diane said on one of her shows. Now, I don't condone violence in any shape or form but... well, sorry this is just damn funny.

5. Using "Watchtower" magazine as incriminating evidence: When a man who won a bunch of Jackson memorabilia started doing the rounds on various TV shows, Diane Dimond got in contact with him. She discovered a "Watchtower" magazine with a picture of a little boy on the cover and felt this was proof that Michael Jackson is attracted to little boys. Let's just ignore the fact that the Jacksons were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses and "Watchtower" is a Jehovah's Witness publication. Nah, that has nothing to do with the Jacksons owning a "Watchtower" magazine.

4. Calling the DA about dirty underwear: While visiting the man who owned the Jackson memorablia collection, Diane also found a pair of 20-year-old, dirty underwear (which could have belonged to any member of the Jackson family). She phoned her buddy Tom Sneddon and told him to take DNA samples from the underwear. She then proceeded to pick up the underwear and parade them around on television. Ummm, first of all Diane, there's nothing incriminating about a pair of stank drawers. Secondly, even if the underwear do have Jackson's DNA on them (although I'm not sure why the police wouldn't just ASK HIM for a DNA sample if they needed it), you just contaminated the evidence. Dumbass.

3. Bringing out the human lie detector: In a slanderous Vanity Fair article, Maureen Orth claimed that Michael Jackson gave alcohol to a boy named Richard Matsuura. In response to the article, the boy appeared on several television shows to dispute Orth's claims. The boy ended up being interviewed by Diane on Court TV where he again denied that Jackson had ever given him alcohol. Just in case, Diane brought out a human lie detector to make sure he was telling the truth. Diane Dimond, the woman who used to pay Michael's ex-employees to make up stories about him, using a lie detector to prevent people from lying? Oh, the irony!

2. Diane Analyzing Ghosts: In February, Diane dedicated a show to Michael's short film Ghosts where she brought on a psychologist to analyze the deeper meaning of the video. The two of them sat there trying to find something incriminating; they found it disturbing that Jackson's character in the video refused to let the townspeople leave. The psychologist pointed out that this is supposedly what he did to his alleged victim's family. Then she went on to say that it was odd that Jackson was playing the mayor, who is supposed to symbolize the man he hates. When the mayor jumped out of the window, the psychologist said, "Michael what do you want? Do you want to die?" Lord have mercy...

1. Saying she is fair and objective: "He's like Jesus Christ. I've become the vilified one, because I've dared to report it. I don't give my opinion. I put things in perspective," Diane said in an interview. After reading the last 9 points, is it any wonder why this comment topped the list?

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